The 1st letter from Cherry

Hello! It's cherry!

I guess everyone was very surprised that LINE PLAY would end soon.
LINE PLAY's NPCs and I were also saddened by this news.

But we decided to discuss how we can make the remaining time more enjoyable and have a memorable farewell with all of you.
In the process, I ended up naturally sharing the story of how I first came to LINE PLAY.

Do you remember?
Bibi or Toto provided most of the service guidance rather than me when LINE PLAY first began.

After that, I became the main model for promoting LINE PLAY's cute items.
As I gained more love, LINE PLAY designers made some changes to my makeup to make me more beautiful in my role as the main model, and there were even rumors going around that I got plastic surgery.

▲ Look at the image above. It seems like the one on the right with makeup on looks fresher, and my eyes are more attractive!

My younger sister Berry started helping me as my role continued to expand over time.
She started introducing the upgraded version of Curious Closets called Mystery Curious Closets.
To create Berry, the designers also put a lot of thought into every facial expression, because Berry is a bit picky...
After the Mystery Curious Closets gained a lot of love, Berry also became the representative mascot of LINE PLAY.

▲ Berry's final draft that is similar yet different from Cherry. Present Berry is created with totally different hair and eye style from Cherry.

One day, 
VIP Castle was created to introduce luxurious items in LINE PLAY, and Sebastian joined us.
Sebastian is a half-cat avatar with a mysterious origin tied to the spirit of cats.
We are such good friends  that we can stay up all night talking about items.
Due to his busy schedule, I rarely see him lately.
He has a tremendous passion for items, he is a truly reliable colleague and friend.

Following Sebastian, the one who received much love with his dazzling appearance, Libro!
Released from the Story World, Libro works with all of you to fix broken stories and presented the concept of VIP Gachas in beautiful narratives.

▲Sketch of creating Sebastian and Libro. Sebastian's outfit has been upgraded, and he absolutely loved it as it suits his taste perfectly…

Speaking of a passion for items, I cannot leave out Elias' story.
Although his tastes differ from mine and Sebastian's, he has a unique eye for items and became the manager of Select Shop.
Elias is so chic and cool but has a complex about his wide forehead and flat face.
I think maybe a brighter hair color would be better.
Last year, I followed Elias' preference for always wearing a black suit and tried wearing the same outfit once.
It was interesting but awkward.
Did I look good?

▲ It's a promotional pose for the 10th anniversary Select Shop,
    and Elias stood behind me, making my face look bigger.
    How embarrassing!

You're probably the one who has the greatest passion for LINE PLAY items.
There was a time when requests to bring back items that had been released in the past kept increasing.
To summon past items in LINE PLAY, an NPC was required.
At that time, Gramma Wizzy, who used to sell potions in Square, stopped selling them and took on this role.
Gramma Wizzy is a bit quirky but kind and nice.
I'm not sure, but there is a rumor that Sebastian was changed from a cat into a human due to Gramma Wizzy's mistake, and she came to LINE PLAY to meet him.

▲ Sketch of the wizard. It could have been Sister Wizzy. But I love the way Gramma Wizzy looks now!

I want to share the story of how Lydia, Granma Wizzy's granddaughter, came to LINE PLAY, and how Bijou, who was originally an avatar from LINE PLAY Gacha, became an Atelier NPC, but the letter has become quite long, so I should wrap it up now.

All our NPCs shared stories of the past this way and then decided to say our final goodbyes, shaking hands with each one of you at Runway Square.
Everyone will come often until the last day, right?

Besides the NPCs who will be in the Square, there are many other NPCs living throughout LINE PLAY, and they have something to say to you as it comes to an end.

I will send you a letter next week describing Cherry's interview with them.
That's it for today.
P.S. Please leave a comment on Cherry's diary if you would like to respond to this letter!