- The 2nd letter from Cherry -

Hello! It's cherry!
Since there are so many NPC friends living in Square
only a few of them are here to say their farewells.
As I said last week,
I visited NPC avatars living throughout LINE PLAY
for an interview on termination.
They were very sad and disappointed,
but wanted to say goodbye to you all.
Here it goes now.

🎤 Interviews with Square NPCs

Name: Clare
Appear in: LINE Park Square,
occasionally appears in the Garden.
Role: cleaning LINE Park Square

Some friends have talked to me while I was cleaning and I've given them rather blunt answers, which has led them to misunderstand me, but I'm a kind of person who doesn't like to talk while I'm working.
I actually enjoy having fun, and I have a caring personality.
Every single day, I've cleaned the park, waiting for you guys, but my job is coming to an end.
I want to apologize if I've ever seemed distant.

Name: Moka
Appear in: LINE Cafe Square
Role: owner of LINE Cafe

"I deeply appreciate you for visiting my cafe all this time.
The thoughts of you all coming to my cafe for a small talk and having fun race through my mind.
I'm very sorry to have to close the cafe as well.
I'll have the best coffee beans prepared until the very last day, so please come by for a cup of coffee.

Name: Charo
Appear in: LINE Cafe Square
Role: part-timer at LINE Cafe

"Moka has always taken care of me, but wearing a costume and working was extremely challenging.
Now I can finally go on a vacation!
Oh... of course, I'm very sad to say goodbye to you.
Come by the cafe until the last day.
I'll be there every day.

Name: Bobby
Appear in: LINE City Square
Role: Part-timer at LINE City Shopping Center

"Hi, guys! What's up?
I've been working part-time at City Square Shopping Center, but my dream was to be an NBA player.
I also had a huge interest in fashion.
I'm always dressed in hip-hop casual outfits, but I like classics as well.
...I was told to say goodbye so suddenly, and I blabbered.
I don't like being sad.
Come visit often by City Square until the last day!

Name: Captain Ahab
Appear in: Treasure Island Square
Role: telling treasure island fishing tips

"Well, this is indeed sad.
I'm so sad.
I've been anchored on this island for too long.
I love fishing so much, so I used to share various tips, but the truth is, I'm a pirate at heart.
Now, I'm thinking of going back to the sea.
Soff is excited to plan for the next voyage.
Don't worry.
I'll stay on the island until the last day and spend more time with you when you come fishing.

🎤 Interviews with Garden NPCs

Name: Santiago
Appear in: LINE PLAY My Home Garden
Role: requesting fishing quests

"Fishing is,
more interesting as you do it more and more.
I hoped you would find more enjoyment in fishing.
You may have guessed, but Captain Ahab and I go back a long way.
When the quest job is over, I'm thinking of going fishing in the wide ocean with Captain Ahab and his men.
Until the last day, I'll keep teaching you the true mindset of a fisher.
Keep working on my quests.

Name: Mark
Appear in: LINE PLAY My Home Garden
Role: requesting mining quests

You did a good job clearing my mining quests.
Studying ores is very interesting.
Actually, I designed the ore collection quests.
Every time you collected ore through the quest, I was thrilled that you got to know the values of these sparking ores.
I feel bad that the joy is coming to an end.
I'll go back to the lab.
I'll soothe my regrets studying new ores in the lab.

Name: Remy
Appear in: LINE PLAY My Home Garden
Role: gardener, requesting Garden Drop Tree quests

"Oh, it's sad.
There are only a few days left to meet you all…
No, no, I talked to Cherry.
We're not going to be sad.
I love tending to trees, so I used to secretly look after trees all around LINE PLAY.
The drops collected through the quests helped a lot.
Thank you so much!

Name: Asaru
Appear in: LINE PLAY My Home Garden
Role: requesting various quests

"heehee... you did a good job completing the quests I've been rushing you with, heehee!
I'm impatient... I need to fix that.
You were such good friends. Thank you!
Wait, let me say goodbye to you on behalf of Jordan.
I think he avoided not to show you his sad face, but he said he has an appointment with Cyrus.
(they're going out; just keep it between us)

Oh, no!
Asaru may have revealed Jordan and Cyrus's secret,
but it may be the last chance
to get blessings from everyone,
so I just told it like it is.
Jordan and Cyrus, be happy!
Do you feel more friendly toward NPCs?
Next week, I'll tell you what I talked about
with LINE PLAY designers!

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