- The 3rd letter from Cherry -

Hello! It's cherry!
Today, I'll share a story about meeting
LINE PLAY designers,
who created the lovely NPCs
and cute items.

It would be interesting to know
about designers' favorite items,
who are like the parents of NPCs.

🎤 Interviews with designers 

It is a pleasure to meet you.

Head Designer:
Cherry, good to see you!
I am so touched to be
able to interview with Cherry!

I would like to thank you for
making pretty and cute items
and NPCs, including Berry and me.

Head Designer:
It was uplifting to see Cherry
and NPCs living bright and cute
in the LINE PLAY world.
I'd like to thank you for doing a great job
of promoting LINE PLAY's items, as well.

Every week, I've been sending  letters to
LINE PLAY users.
Considering what stories
users may be curious
about LINE PLAY, 
I thought it'd be fun to find out
designers' favorite items.

Head Designer:
It was challenging to choose among
so many items created over the years.
So I asked each designer about
their favorite items, listened to
their reasons for choosing them,
and selected impressive items.
Shall we take a look together?

Yes, I am looking forward to it.

🫰🏻Designer's Pick 11🫰🏻

"Hot Spring Kitties Gacha" room item

Production year: 2014
Designers' comments:
I mainly designed room and garden items
since the beginning of LINE PLAY.
This item is based on the theme of
"hot springs" and "cats", which I really love,
so I enjoyed creating it so much.
Whenever I saw users' reactions
on social media, and seeing their interest was
rewarding and gave me positive energy.
I appreciate your love for so long!

No. 2
Gacha "Eerie Halloween" room item

Production year: 2016
Designers' comments:
I created this item
when I had been working for about a year,
I like Halloween events and it was
a concept with a "fun" element,
so I studied how to make avatars
blend well with room items.
I thought about various scenarios, such as
having avatars sit inside a ghost tree,
sleep in a skull-opening coffin,
sit inside a blanket carried by ghosts,
or sit on a magic chair that transforms
the avatar's face into a pumpkin,
and I was excited and nervous about
how users would react to these items.

No. 3
Gacha "OOTD 18" room item

Production year: 2017
Designers' comments:
For 6 years, I was in charge of room design.
There were many OOTD tasks,
and among them, OOTD 18 is
memorable as it represents
an image of a healing space
that I would like to experience.
Looking at users' rooms and seeing them
decorate with items I made
brought me great joy.

VIP Gacha "Vampire's Kiss" avatar item

Production year: 2017
Designers' comments:
For 10 years, I've created
avatars for LINE PLAY.
Before the release of VIP Gacha Vampire’s Kiss
 the reactions to the Gacha were
not good for several months,
I decided to get good reactions.
I created an Aura effect
where the vampire appears and disappears,
and I also showcased a unique Gothic rose design.
Fortunately, the response was good,
 and it has been frequently remade to this day.
Seeing users' love for the items
that I designed on social media
is truly gratifying. 

Gacha "Smog Monster" avatar item

Production year: 2017
Designers' comments:
For about 10 years, I've designed
VIP makeup items and male items.
I also made male butlers.
The 3 Luke characters from the 6th
anniversary event had a different body ratio
from the LINE PLAY avatars,
so it was a challenging task.
It's my favorite because it was fun
working on it as I could create
ethnic fantasy outfits that weren't
common in LINE PLAY back then.
I also created Treasure World
characters, Layla and Cassim,
and they have a hidden world view as members
of the Smog Monster tribe.
If you look closely, you can see that
Layla and Cassim's costumes are similar to the
costumes in the Smog Monster gacha.

Gacha "My Guardian Angels" avatar item

Production year: 2018
Designers' comments:
I 've been working as an avatar designer
for 9 years.
I mainly conducted partnership projects.
I still remember when
I was selected as the top 2
through the event called "Producer 10,"
 where users voted for the top 3 to be released
among 10 gacha themes
 proposed by designers.
The best part was
receiving support messages from users…
I would like to thank the users
who supported me at that time once again.

Pet "Fondue"

Production year: 2019
Designers' comments:
Since 2016, I've been creating
animation items, pets,
and avatar actions.
Each item I make is precious,
 but especially pet items feel like my children.
This cat, Fondue, is the first pet
I created with actions.
Isn't Fondue's tail so cute with
the cream puffs bouncing around?

VIP Gacha "Welcome to the Catnival" room item

Production year: 2019
Designers' comments:
It is my 10th year working
for LINE PLAY as a designer.
Currently, I'm designing rooms and gardens,
but I initially joined as an avatar designer.
This work is the first attempt at room design.
My colleagues helped me launch it
after many trials and errors.
I want to express my gratitude to my colleagues.

No. 9
Gacha "Summer Polar Bear" avatar item

Production year: 2020
Designers' comments:
I have been creating avatar
items for 7 years.
I'm so happy to be a designer here
 because I love LINE PLAY.
I mainly handled avatar items
 and this gacha is memorable
because I like bears (laughs).
It's a playful item with polar bears
happily playing together.
Seeing users wear my avatar items
and decorate their rooms with them
makes me very happy.
As I am preparing
a lot of new items,
I hope you enjoy LINE PLAY
until the end.

VIP Gacha "Moon and Stars with Crayons" garden item

Production year: 2022
Designers' comments:
For 6 years, I have worked mainly
on room and garden production
and often managed VIP gachas.
This was for 2022 April Fool's Day.
Since I hadn't tried creating
a hand-drawn feeling before,
expressing the texture of many stars and
crayons posed some challenges,
 and adjusting file sizes was really challenging.
However, I'm satisfied with the outcome,
and I'm truly thankful for the love it received.

Select Shop Cherry's Surprise
"Toto item"

Production year: 2022
Designers' comments:
I've designed LINE PLAY since 2018.
Initially, I was a room designer,
then I moved on to avatar creation.
While working on the final stages,
I contracted COVID-19,
 making the process challenging but
more memorable.
I'm also a fan of NPC Toto.
It was fulfilling to release items capturing
 Toto's cuteness and showcase them to users.
When new items are released,
 I wonder if users like my items.
When new items are released,
I wonder if users like my items,
 I've even clicked the “Like” button on
items multiple times... (laughs)
I'm trying hard to make items until
the end, so press the "like" button!

Head Designer:
Actually, I'd like to introduce the partnership
character works I've created,
such as Disney and Sanrio,
 but unfortunately, due to contract terminations
or copyright issues, I can't.
Creating partnership items was challenging
 and meticulous, but it was also very rewarding.
They were precious avatar characters that,
 along with your NPCs, illuminated LINE PLAY.

Although I expected that many VIP
gacha items would be selected,
stories of the designers who
selected other items made me feel
the sincerity they put into them.
I was curious about the behind-the-scenes stories of
 partnership avatars... it's regrettable.

...As we exchange stories,
 it's time to wrap up today's letter.
 Next week is Line Play's 11th-anniversary!
I'll be back with a letter
about LINE PLAY's anniversary!

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leave a comment in Cherry's Diary.