- The 4th letter from Cherry -

Hello! It's cherry!

We used to celebrate LINE PLAY's
birthday together every
November by holding events, remember?
LINE PLAY staff and NPCs have been
gathering ideas and preparing joyfully
for several months to create
gifts and activities
that you will enjoy.

I'm going to take out LINE PLAY's
birthday album today.
Let's look back at our memories!

🎂 1st Anniversary Event

▲ 1st Anniversary Gacha (above),
1st Anniversary Room (below)

This is James' room, and here
we celebrated the first anniversary with a large cake.
Avatars looked different back then.
We even released commemorative gachas
to celebrate with all of you,

🎂 2nd Anniversary Event

▲ 2nd Anniversary - Around-the-World Journey
PR banner. I looked different at that time, hehe.

During this event, we played a board game
where you rolled the dice
when logging to give you items representing
the cultures of various countries.
If we sent hearts to our friends for a week,
and the total number of hearts exceeded 70 million,
we could receive gift items!
Do you remember if we succeeded?
We also did O/X quizzes in Square
and walked like models in Fashion Show Square.
We had a lot of fun at the 2nd anniversary event,

🎂 3rd Anniversary Event

▲ Celebrating the 3rd anniversary in
New York Times Square

The around-the-world journey game that was popular
during the 2nd anniv. event was returned,
and we enjoyed our anniversary
with a large cake at New York Times Square,
sending hearts.
We even gathered a whopping 300,000 hearts!
Thanks to that, we could enjoy fireworks twice a day
in New York Times Square for 3 days after the event.

🎂 4th Anniversary Event

I can't forget this time.
Famous characters appeared
to celebrate the 4th anniversary.
Do you remember Grim Reapers of
"Death Note" in Square?
You collected apples to get items.
There was a dance-party-themed gacha.

▲ 4th anniversary gacha image

The costume was so cute that I participated in
promoting the 4th anniversary event with James by
wearing it.
It's truly gorgeous, isn't it?

🎂 5th Anniversary Event

Sebastian and I promoted the 5th
anniversary event at this time.
As both Sebastian and I had expertise in fashion,
we hosted Fashionista
with the theme of party outfits.
Additionally, "Avatar Contest" was returned as
"Fashionista" in 2017.

▲ 5th Anniversary Party Concept - Fashionista

During this period, there was a special Square for VIPs.
It was truly beautiful and luxurious.

▲ 5th Anniversary VIP Square

🎂 6th Anniversary Event

▲ 6th Anniversary Square

Hakuya, Luke, and Roy...!
Remember these three Demon Princes?
Demon Princes were here in LINE PLAY
around the 6th anniversary.
We collected fragments of memories
to help them regain their lost memories.
Hakuya was the first to regain his memories.

During that time, there was a fan art event for princes,
and while judging the entries,
the staff members were all captivated by
these three princes.

Oh, by the way! The gift items I prepared
were also very popular. 

▲ Cherry in the 6th Anniversary Event PR
All of the items I wore here
were released as gift items.
I received many compliments that
they suited me very well.

🎂 7th Anniversary Event

Bijou marked the 7th anniversary.
The garden and atelier opened,
allowing us to gather materials and create items.
7-anniversary commemorative blueprints were introduced
and various daily mission quests were opened.
One of the most memorable events was
"Draw the Garden I Want" illustration contest,
and the winning entry was released
as a gacha the following year,
and it was "Duet of Light and Darkness."
It contained a unique worldview.

▲ 7th Anniversary Event Winning Gacha
Avatar (above) and garden (below) images of
“Duet of Light and Darkness”


🎂 8th Anniversary Event

▲ 8th Anniversary Academy of Wizardry Square

The 8th anniversary was celebrated with
priests and butlers' event.
Did everyone become a VIP and try hiring a butler?
There was a butler popularity vote,
and among the staff, Kai and Ian competed
during the vote.
However, 2nd place went to the charismatic butler Ophelia!
Kai, Ophelia, and Ian won 1st,
2nd, and 3rd places, respectively.
During the 7th-anniversary event, all 7 butlers
were revealed, and they each gained voices
tailored to their personalities afterward.

In addition, the priests brought
special ingredients from the atelier.

▲ 8th Anniversary Atelier Materials from the Priests.

You were given an opportunity to become a priest
by collecting magical ingredients.
Did everyone master the magic?

🎂 The Untold Stories…

The 9th and 10th anniversaries were celebrated
 with affiliated characters.
9th anniversary was with CLAMP's
and the 10th anniversary was with Hatsunemiku.
Similar to the Death Note during the 4th anniversary,
due to contract expiration or copyright issues,
we couldn't share images together. 
I remember your enthusiastic participation in the games
and illustration submission events.

Especially, many artworks submitted for the fan art events
 held frequently during anniversaries!
I can't express how happy I was when judging the entries!

Thank you again for participating in
and having fun at the events we
prepared for over the last decade.
Thank you so much.

Join us for the 11th anniversary.
We're also running a login event
this week, so get your gift.

I love you all!

P.S. I've been reading your comments.
I'm so moved.
While hearing stories about how you had wonderful times
and created many good memories in LINE PLAY,
I continue writing this letter.
Please leave a reply to Cherry Diary!