- The 5th letter from Cherry -

Hello! It's cherry!

Today, let's take some time to reflect 
on LINE PLAY’s past 11 years in numbers.

"Today marks 4026 days
since we met!"
On November 21, 2012,
the service called "LINE PLAY"
finally revealed itself to the world!
There have been 238 million avatars
that have gone through LINE PLAY so far...!
LINE PLAY has constantly evolved.

▲Home screen in 2013

▲Home screen in 2015

▲Today’s home screen

"What happened
248 days after we met"

 In just 248 days since we met,
LINE PLAY surprisingly surpassed 10 million users.
On the 1,260th day, it reached 30 million,
and on the 2,194th day, it exceeded 65 million,
 creating our own world with avatars
gathered from various countries around the world.

▲ PR image celebrating 10 million users (above)
James Room celebrating 10 million avatars (below)

▲ PR image celebrating 30 million users
This was around May 2016, and the home screen was
similar to now!

"How many items have been
released so far in LINE PLAY?"

Have you ever wondered how many items
have been released in LINE PLAY
over the past 11 years?

There are 100,875 fashion items
and 40,218 interior items.
Wow! It means 25 fashion items
and 10 interior items were created every day!
As for the Garden items, which started being
released in September 2019,
a total of 195 sets have been created so far.
That's about 3-4 new sets per month.
Designers must have been very busy!
What's even more surprising is
 that new items are still being created.
I appreciate the designers' efforts
and everyone's love!

“How many friends
do you have in LINE PLAY?"
On average, LINE PLAY avatars
have about 18.55 friends.
When you meet someone in Square,
greet each other with a high five,
compliment a beautifully decorated garden,
or express your feelings by sending hearts to avatars
who showed their interest in your diary,
you can be "Friends" with anyone.

▲ In Circles, you can quickly become friends
with people who share similar tastes.

You can develop a good rapport
with your friends by sending gifts
from Gift Shop or Select Shop.

"How many times
do we communicate with friends
on LINE PLAY in a day?

I suddenly wondered.
How much do you
communicate with your friends in LINE PLAY?
I crunched the numbers and found that
478,000 hearts are sent in a day on Line Play.
And in Square, the number of high-fives
 in a single day is 2.066 million!

You know I'm in Runway Square
right now,
along with my NPC friends,
 waiting to high-five you!
Come by often and show your love.

I'll write to you next week, too!
That's all for today.

P.S. You have no idea how happy I am
these days, reading the diary comments.
I'm looking forward to your reply!