- The 6th letter from Cherry -

Hello! It's Cherry!

Today, I would like to talk about VIP Gachas
we see every first day of the month.

The first VIP Gacha was released
on March 1, 2016,
to show you more stylish and
 glamorous fashion, as well as items
 with high-quality animations and actions.

▲The image of VIP Gacha #1, "The Queen's Jewels"

The VIP Gachas released on the 1st of every month
contained LINE PLAY's monthly universes,
and we have made wallpapers with the themes
and provided them to you as gifts.

▲ The image of wallpaper #1
in the VIP Gacha "Moonlight Dreamer" theme
(May 2017)

With the creation of VIP Gachas,
we were able to showcase
even more fantastic gachas with amazing universes.

▲ The image of Epic Aura of the VIP Gacha,
"Christmas Present"

Have you ever wondered
how these great VIP Gacha items were made?
Let me tell you the production process
of "Bling-bling Pink Christmas,"
a recently released VIP Gacha.

✏️ Defining VIP's concept and details

LINE PLAY usually determines
the concepts of
all the upcoming gachas
before the start of each year.
However, during the actual production
and release process,
aspects, such as the color scheme or the number of items
may be adjusted to differentiate them
from other gachas.

The main color for this month's VIP Gacha
was initially a classic Christmas theme
with red and green at the beginning of the year.
However, the concept evolved to feature
a unique Christmas theme with cute and lovely vibes,
emphasizing the color pink.

▲Sketches of attraction items and item movements
 that were shared during the concept meeting.
While determining the concept, designers often start
 by looking at sketches to clearly define the concept.

✏️ Sketching and coloring avatars

After the concept meeting,
we started sketching the avatars.
It was the moment VIP universe
started to take shape!

▲ Initial sketch of VIP avatars
This sketch tells us if our understanding
of the concept aligns.
Particularly, eye items received much love,
so we thoroughly check everything from the sketches.

▲ Ta-da! The image of released VIP Gacha avatars!
They’re truly splendid and beautiful, aren’t they?

✏️ Making GARDEN and ROOM

Alongside the creation of avatars,
the production of rooms
and gardens also begins with sketches,
but, usually, they are shared
in a colored form,
making it easier to see the finished design.
However, if you take a closer look,
you can see that as small details are
gradually added, and the finished design is
completed with much higher quality.

▲Garden sketch (above) and finished image (below)
You can see the careful finishing touches
 added to the snow piles, veils hanging on the wall,
 crystalized snowflakes, mood enhancements, etc.

✏️ Making Epic items

The biggest thing that sets VIP Gacha items
 apart from other Gacha's
is Epic Items, which are colorful,
 large-scale animations.
They can be made as accessories or outfits,
but they're usually made as Auras.
An Aura can be a great way
to tell the story of VIP Gachas.

▲The comparison of U-Rare Aura (above) and
Epic Aura (below)
Epic Auras allows for larger and more colorful animations,
enabling us to better represent VIP universes.

✏️ Making BGM and SNS promotional videos

Background music is created, reflecting the image
of the shared music items and the overall universe
presented in the concept meeting.
The item planner delivers the overall vibe of
the background music,
as well as music with a similar vibe,
and a wonderful piece of music
is magically created.

For VIP Gacha,
 every month upon release,
 we have released videos
 with background music and the overall universe
on LINE PLAY’s official YouTube channel.
You don't say...!
There's no one who hasn't watched it, yet, right?

Go see VIP videos ▶️

As we talk about the VIP Gachas,
it occurred to me that we have to talk about
the series Gachas that unfolded a variety of stories.
It's a long story,
so let me talk about that in the next letter!
As always, thanks for reading.

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