- The 7th letter from Cherry -

Hello! It's cherry!

As announced last week,
I'd like to talk about LINE PLAY's
series gachas this week.

3 years after LINE PLAY opened,
those in charge of creating items
started feeling creatively limited
and tried various methods
to resolve the issue.

In this way, people in charge
created items that reflected
their interests, fashion trends,
and favorite movie or drama cliches.
So after 2016, LINE PLAY began
actively releasing series gachas.

With this movement,
we were able to showcase
more romantic and fantastic fashion,
as well as more lifestyle items.

📽️🎞️ 12명의 작은 소녀들
 (since 2015.12.31)

It was produced by designers and planners
interested in Japanese culture.
Various Japanese-oriented fashion items
and kimonos, traditional Japanese clothing,
were released, along with Room items
that give a glimpse into the Japanese lifestyle.

▲ After 12 months of release,
we held an Idol Vote
 to see which girl was the most loved,
and the winner was the girl of March, Yayoi.

📽️🎞️ Go for Love! series gacha
 (since 2016.1.13)

The best topic to use
for a gacha series would
probably romantic love stories!
Go for Love staff members, who loved
K-dramas and American dramas,
incorporated clichés into each gacha.
In each episode, Ellie forms a love
triangle with Ren, a fashion magazine editor,
and Hiro, a model.
To create the story together with you,
 Ellie’s choices were initially decided through voting,
 and the narrative followed the direction
 that received the most votes.

▲ The 2nd gacha episode of Season 2,
in which Hiro, Bonnie, and Ellie
appeared, was based on a real-life
love story told by a staff member.

▲ Season 2 Christmas episode of Go for love
Ellie became Hiro's lover,
remained still friends with Ren,
and Bonnie, Hiro's ex-girlfriend, and even had
a Christmas party with Bonnie, Hiro's ex-girlfriend.

📽️🎞️ Tica
(since 2016.2.9)

▲ PR image for the first issue of Tica.
Ellie appeared as the cover model.

Tica is a fashion magazine gacha
connected to the universe of the Go for Love.
As the story unfolds, Ren,
the main male character, becomes the chief editor
of Tica, Ellie, the main female character,
becomes a model, and they meet
Hiro, another male character.
So Ellie appeared as the main
model in Tica's first issue.

"Haru" was also Tica's main model.
As Tica expanded its universe
and started appearing in Select Shop,
Haru also took on the role
of the manager of Select Shop.

▲ Haru in the Tica Gacha PR image (above)
and Haru in the PR image
as a manager of Select Shop's Tica (below)

📽️🎞️ OOTD
(since 2016.3.22)

▲ PR image of OOTD No. 1

OOTD was created to meet the needs
of users who wanted items
to stylishly dress up their avatars
not only with Cash but also with Gems.

Designers, who were interested in fashion,
formed a team to research
trendy clothing and lifestyles
and created fashion and room items.
They are much-loved items
with real-life details.

▲ Leo’s SPECIAL version of OOTD (above)
and Coco’s Collection Gacha main banner (below)

A fashion magazine concept is also
being used for OOTD gachas, with
Coco and Leo as the main models.
In 2021, Emilie by OOTD was launched
as Season 2 of OOTD.
A new gacha has just released,
so please check it out!💖

📽️🎞️ The Next It Girl
(since 2016.5.25)

"Next It Girl" is one of series gachas
created by staff members who were interested in
American fashion.
Our goal was to create experimental
items with different shapes and colors
from the avatars of the time to satisfy
the diverse tastes of global users.

▲ The main avatars of The Next It Girl gacha.
Colors and makeup styles were different
from items released as of now.
There was also American zombie makeup, hehe.

📽️🎞️ Ikemen series
(since 2017.2.20)

▲ PR image of Ikemen School's episode 1

Many of the designers creating avatars
were fans of Japanese comics and avatars.
Ikemen series was a work where these designers
incorporated homages to school life comics.
The main female character, Yuna's love
story unfolded in "Ikemen School," 
but the sequel switched to the sci-fi genre
when the stage was moved to
"Ikemen in Star,"
a planet with a demon king.

▲ A vote was held for the male
characters, and the winner
was "Kei," who was from the Earth.

▲ Do you have Kei's Aura?
Standing by Kei makes me somehow excited.

📽️🎞️ Love Sick
(since 2017.1.18)

Like Ikemen series, Love Sick was created
by team members who loved Japanese comics,
and it tells the story of Saki
who excessively loves Shinji senpai.
When each gacha was released, a PR
image was posted as a webcomic, and
these webcomics were also well received.

▼ Webcomic of Love Sick's 1st episode

▼ Banner for the Love Sick gacha's final episode.
It ended with the sweet and brutal wedding
of Shinji and Saki.

...Oh my!
I must tell you the story of "Gothic Doll,"
which received a lot of love from all of you,
but once again, the letter has become too long.

I'll be back next week with stories
about Gothic Doll gacha series!

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