- The 9th letter from Cherry -

Hello everyone, it's me! Cherry!

Today, let me talk about butlers.
Perhaps many of you haven't hired
a butler yet, as they can only
be hired if you're a VIP.

Butlers assist in auto-collection.
They help you with fishing, mining, and collecting drops,
 but they all have different abilities,
so their performance may vary.
Only higher-level VIPs can hire
butlers with outstanding abilities.
These are good friends who help you.

Each butler has their own hidden story,
 but unfortunately, there hasn't been much opportunity
to share their stories in LINE PLAY.
If we had more time and opportunities,
we could have shown
more of the butlers' hidden talents…

Today, I'll reveal their stories,
as told by Sebastian,
who manages the butlers.

Ophelia's story

Meaning of the name: Helpful person, helper
Birthday: August 12th
Zodiac sign: Leo
Blood type: AB
An all-rounder who strives for perfection.
Rather than being submissive to
her master, she says,
"It's okay, master, I'm taking care of you."

Ophelia's grandfather was a legendary butler.
Growing up under her grandfather,
 young Ophelia naturally dreamed of
following in his footsteps to become the best butler.
"I always thought I would become a butler
since I was young," she said.
At the academy, she never missed the top spot,
but she consistently heard feedback
 from teachers about lacking emotion
despite having excellent skills.
Due to her perfectionist nature,
she handled everything perfectly and flawlessly.
 But as an elite butler who believed
 that perfection was everything,
she began to realize how mechanical her responses were…
Once she realized her master's
emotional support, trust, and encouragement,
she changed her goal to become
a perfect butler only for her master.

"I mistakenly believed that becoming
a perfect butler  in everyone's eyes
was the goal of my life.
Until I met my master."

▲ The sketch of Ophelia. She's truly elegant.
I want to look like her in many ways!

Kai's story

Meaning of the name: Sea, victory
Birthday: November 22nd
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Blood type: AB
He's being short with everyone.
But he’s a softie inside.

How did the scar on his eye come about…
The scar was inflicted by those who brought down
the Kai family, restraining their power and influence.
Kai barely survived, but had no reason to live.
But when he met his current master,
 he found a reason.
He is the only character
who hasn't attended the butler academy,
but thanks to his natural physical and magical abilities,
 he passed the butler exam with flying colors.

"No one has ever made me
feel so dedicated."

▲ The early sketch of Kai.
He always looks chic, but in this sketch, he is somewhat cute.

Ian's story

Meaning of the name: Merciful God
Birthday: September 30th
Zodiac sign: Libra
Blood type: B
Kind to everyone (especially to women) and popular.
Mature and gentle nature.
He smiles warmly and speaks softly.

Ian, a gentle, mild-mannered, and mature butler,
always wears a kind smile, but in reality,
 he is a person with many wounds
who cannot open his heart to anyone.
He nursed his sick sister until she eventually passed away,
and met his current master.
He thought of the master as his younger sister
with a brotherly affection.
Hopefully, one day, he will be able to heal
the painful wounds he hides so tightly…

"People live their lives wearing masks,
but my mask is useless
in front of my master.

▲ The sketch of Ian. He is truly sweet…
and looks cool. I'm embarrassed…

Celina's story

Meaning of the name: Moon
Birthday: February 19th
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Blood type: A
Elena's younger sister.
She is dedicated entirely to her master
and sees her master as light and a god.
She is initially sweet and loving
but also timid and insecure.

Her dark and timid personality
and gloomy appearance made her
feel different from her bright and cheerful
sister Elena, but she is very
 happy with her job as a butler
as it suits her aptitude 100%.
Even at the butler academy,
her loyalty score was always the highest.
Despite being quiet and reserved,
she doesn't hesitate to go all out
for her master!

"I like the dark...
Because the master looks brighter!"

▲The sketch of Celina. It was difficult
to become friends at first, but now we are good friends.

Elena's story

Meaning of the name: A bright and shining person
Birthday: July 19th
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Blood type: A
Celina's older sister and grew up with many siblings.
An innocent girl who doesn't know anything about the world.
She acquires a lot of knowledge from books,
but she often uses it incorrectly.
Her cooking skills are not good.

She admired Ophelia and
entered the world of butlers.
She's full of enthusiasm, but often makes mistakes.
But she never gives in and
maintains a positive attitude
while carrying out her butler duties.
She learns everything from books,
but she has a unique taste
that surprises everyone with her dishes!
It is said that even the kind-hearted Ian
frowns at her cooking...!

"Let’s have something sweet for lunch!
I prepared my special Bibimbab
with whipped cream and strawberries!"

▲ The sketch of Elena. She is so lovely.
She hasn't invited me to taste her food yet.

Michel's story

Meaning of the name: Cute
Birthday: March 23rd
Zodiac sign: Aries
Blood type: O
He's a big eater. All conversations lead to food.
He is always hungry.
He knows very well that he is cute.
He throws a tantrum to eat something delicious.

Michel is always hungry!
Michel is the cousin of Demon Prince Roy
who appeared during the 6th-anniversary event,
which was originally intended to be revealed
in the episode of Making Memories!
He may look like he doesn't know
anything, but he's actually a high-ranking
demon with enormous magical power!

"The past doesn’t matter. What’s important is,
a delicious meal with the master!

▲ The sketch of Michel. I wish I had a younger brother, too.
I always have to let my brother enjoy delicious food, though.

Merry's story

Meaning of the name: Literally Merry
Birthday: January 17th
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Blood type: O
She has a unique way of speaking,
adding "Merry" to the end of every word.
She wants to be taller. She turns
mischief into cuteness! A super cute butler.

The only animal butler.
The Merrys are an unusual family of rabbits
who have been butlers for generations.
It stems from a promise made in the past.
Rumor has it that the clockwork rabbit from
Alice in Wonderland is a member of the Merry family.
She strives to become
 the best butler to elevate
the honor of the family.
In addition, she’s always bright and cheerful,
 and she looks so cute like a pet...

"When the master is feeling down,
I also feel sad…
Be happy, master! Merry Merry!

▲ The sketch of Merry. I really want to keep her as a pet.
She's so cute!

I hope you feel a bit more familiar with the butlers now.
If you get the chance, consider hiring them for a chat.

My letter will come to an end next week
II don't know why I always end up talking so long…

Well, that's it for this week and I'll see you next week.
Thanks so much for reading today!

P.S. Please leave a reply to this week’s letter!
I'll pass them on to the butlers!